Northern Soul Reimagined LIVE

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August 27th 2016 saw the first ticketed ‘Northern Soul Reimagined’ concert at Darwen Library Theatre.

NS Reimagined in Concert small

It was an unforgettable evening for both audience and performers that is best described in this review from audience member and soul DJ, Pete Meadows:

“So, imagine the scenario…. Take top Northern soul tracks such as ‘You Don’t Love Me’, ‘The Night’, ‘Happy’ – mix them with some of Motown’s top northern choons and replay them in an acoustic style on keyboards in a one man show. 
Well that’s exactly what Paul Stuart Davies did in a gig last night entitled ‘Northern Soul Reimagined Live’ and it was superb! 
Add to that a telephone answering machine with messages left from the original artists and writers and you’ve got something truly unique! “Hi this is Martha Reeves…” preceded the Soul In The Sun classic – ‘No One There’ which sounded so sweet and was enjoyed by everyone including all the Sunners present! 
In the intimate setting of the Darwen Library Theatre, Paul’s voice was superb along with his keys. Then for the latter part of the second set he was joined on stage by ‘Voice Of Africa’ gospel choir who added a little shake of magic to classics like ‘Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)’ and for me the show stopper – ‘Long After Tonight Is All Over’.
Paul is hoping to take this show on the road over coming months. I strongly recommend you go see it if given the chance.”

– Pete Meadows

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